Boost Plan Details


Up to 500 new contacts

added monthly to our campaign outreach

Email-based campaign outreach consisting of at least 2-emails per contact
Introductory email(s) to find the right person with purchase influence or responsibility
Value proposition email(s) to engage the right person to assess interest level
Email A/B testing

Campaign discussion
Campaign progress updates, reports, data, market feedback
Target market profile – industries, revenue and employee sizes, titles, etc.
Value proposition, buyer’s journey, calls-to-action (CTA)
Messaging and marketing outreach history

Support for up to 2 concurrent campaigns per month

Dedicated team

Project Manager 
Outreach SDR / Researchers



Lead Mint will help build a list of qualified prospects and will reach out to those prospects, engage them, share early pipeline messaging to find qualified prospects with interest, nurture that interest, and either arrange for the prospects to meet with clients sales as a follow up, or drive the interested prospect to an alternate call-to-action, such as downloading content or registering for an event or webinar.

Lead Mint will provide a dedicated prospecting resource and a project manager to collaborate on a regular basis with client’s business development staff and ensure that messaging and progress remain on track.

Lead Mint expects the ongoing outcome to include elements like the following:

  • Leads in the form of prospects showing the active interest in learning more about your offering from a sales call, or by some other means consuming marketing messaging to strengthen interest.
  • Improved prospecting messaging that concisely communicates the value proposition and raises awareness to the target market via phone and/or email outreach.
  • Improved understanding of market reception to the product offering, driving ongoing strategy for positioning and selling into target verticals.

Typical Project Timeline

Kickoff Meeting

  • Discuss target market profile and messaging
  • Develop initial outreach prospecting materials
  • Share existing marketing materials that facilitate lead generation
  • Share existing prospect database (if applicable)

Preparation / Week of Kickoff

  • Collaborate with Project Director on campaign preparation
  • Introduce dedicated resource to messaging, campaign strategy
  • Begin market research and prospect database building (if applicable)


  • Continue market research / list building / contact information validation
  • Initiate market outreach and lead generation activities

Ongoing Project Progress

  • Arrange meetings or lead handoff with prospects who show interest
  • Nurture prospects who are a good fit, but aren’t ready now; future meetings
  • Collaborate with Project Director on maximizing ROI through campaign fine-tuning, adjusting elements like message and target market profile


  • Invoiced monthly in advance – initial card debit is 7 days after subscription signup and monthly from that point forward until cancellation
  • Payment by credit card or debit card

Additional requests beyond the scope of this proposal may require additional charges. 

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