30 Sales Triggers on LinkedIn

It is rightly said that “speed matters”. Specially in B2B business even if you blink then you’ve lost a customer! Having said that we all know that it is easier said than done. The solution to this is to follow signs or triggers which will enable you to know when to enter and approach the prospect. If you reach out too early the prospect might scare off and go (as critical decisions take time). If you approach too late then the prospect might lose interest and not convert at all. 

Thankfully LinkedIn has few inbuilt features we can safely label as “prospecting signals” which will help us in knowing triggers for a sales opening. The key is to be active and never lose an opportunity no matter how small it is. Even if it is replying to any annoying questions, still do it! Do it tactfully and make it a point to put across the board for all to view. This will help in brand creation and will go a long way in creating the goodwill you’ve always wanted for your business! 

Below are few LinkedIn triggers which you will never want to miss, and we’re sure that you’ll not miss once you read this: 

Activity on LinkedIn 

What does it mean? 

What should you do? 

Profile Viewed

If someone has viewed your profile it means that they may be searching through some information and you might be the one whom the searched keyword matched. The match maybe through company, location etc. This means that you have an audience and now it’s on your fingertip’s to captive them!
After initial research of the profile you came to know that the prospect might be a future lead or maybe useful in the long term then it’s time to lay the groundwork by sending a simple message like: Hey Philip, Hope you’re having a great weekend! I’m Marketing Manager from LM, I’m looking to expand my network of contacts, so I’d love to connect with you here. Looking forward to keeping in touch!

Invitation to LinkedIn

When you receive an invitation to LinkedIn then look out for common business prospects or industry matches or source from where the invitation came from

Receiving an invitation means that the person holds an interest in your profile. Look out for spammers who just want to increase their number of contacts and are using you! Always take time to dig into the profile of the sender. If your interests matches with the sender then accept the invite and send a small note like ” I’m hoping to learn from each other” or “Our companies seem to share a common mission of building great profiles, let’s connect!” or “I love the way you’re able to market your products without being spammy!” This way you are on the right track of striking a chord

Your Invitation is accepted

That’s a wow! Apart from thanking God you should also thank the person who accepted your invitation!
Many of us don’t do this! Remember the school days when we were taught to say thank you! Even in corporate culture we should imbibe these qualities. Now since your request is accepted you need to tactfully set the tone for business but don’t appear to be doing that! How? Well read on. The trick is to send thanks publicly! Always remember to express gratitude and sharing why you admire, respect and appreciate them. Just leave a note saying, “Thank you for accepting, hoping to keep in contact and learning from a wonderful person like you!”

Contact’s Job Change

Send a simple message but to the point!
Send a message like “Congrats on the new role. I hope you’re well” This might be a good chance to just pick up the phone and have a word as well! Its upto you!

Contact gets a promotion

Well, we all want to hurry and send “congratulations” but there’s more to it!
Let me make it straight, congrats is’nt enough! Don’t let congrats seem like a space just filled for the heck of it! Always remember that LinkedIn is a tool which gives you a way to connect, “You” need to make the most of this opportunity. Get back on their radar. Sending a congratulatory note like ” Congratulations on your promotion, it’s a well-deserved one. Best wishes for your continued success in your career” or use a more personalized one ” Congratulations on the new role! Hope it is everything you were looking for”

Contact’s Birthday

Hmm…think before sending a simple birthday message! Don’t miss this once in a year chance!
Yes, read on. You can use this chance to make an instant contact. You can write ” Hey Samantha! Happy Birthday! Hope you are well. It’s been a while; we should connect and catch up. I will be in touch next week. Have an awesome B’day!

Contact’s Work Anniversary

It’s a milestone to congratulate in a unique way
You can write a personalized message like ” You’ve never stopped amazing us with the perfectionism you display in your work. We are incredibly grateful to you…wishing you happy fourth anniversary…”

Contact gets a mention in news or is awarded

Well, check if the “mentioned in the news” algorithm is working correctly
Be aware that there are times when LinkedIn’s “mentioned in the news” algo can go wrong! It can be a common name and if this name gets matched then you get it! It’s like a wrong invitation! Always verify before pressing the “congratulations” button!

Contact updates their profile

This means that there might be few updates in your contacts profile
Send a customized message like “Let’s connect this weekend” or “want to get on a quick call to discuss something interesting?” or “I’ve sent you an email, let me know if it sounds interesting”

LinkedIn Blog Post is liked

Your post is liked…it’s like a signal to connect further…grab this chance!
We all know that blog posts are one of the best ways to connect to a wider audience. If you know the person who has liked the post, then thank them personally by sending a private note. If the person is not on your list, then sending a public message will have a better impact. You can mention comment like “Thank you for liking my post, means a lot! You’ve been a guiding force for me”

LinkedIn Blog Post is shared

Kudos for the hard work!! You’ve done a good job and hence people are liking and sharing your blog. It’s a great way to ignite the spark.
Always remember it’s not the number of people who are sharing or reposting your posts, “quality” is important too! Find out these quality connects, and you’ll be in business!

Comments on your Blog Post

Smart bloggers see opportunities where others do not
Now that you have comments on your blog you need to be smarter enough and comment tactfully on them. You need to respond to the genuine or authentic comments who have “actually” read your blog post. The rule of the thumb is to respond to as quickly as possible and not let the conversation die.

LinkedIn Update is liked

Liked updates means keeping all your contacts informed about your “updates”
For a liked update respond with a simple “thankyou”

LinkedIn Update is commented on

Whenever an update is shared the good news is that all the contacts who has shared the update will get notified exposing you to a wider audience
Since you will be reaching out to wider audience you need to make the most of it. To make it even richer source of insight about you and what you’re up to, you can include a web link or URL. This will make it more appealing to anyone viewing it.

Group Post is Liked

Group posts are an excellent platform for inbound marketing
Whenever you are in a group there will be certain goals, common conversations and questions along with common topics related to your brand. Whenever a group post is liked you can thank them and approach them at a suitable time.

Group Post is shared

Whenever in a group you need to be active and always on your toes!

Whenever a group post is shared you need to make sure that there are healthy discussions in the group and that they will generally result in brand and goodwill creation

Group Post is commented on

No matter what the group rules and guidelines must be followed
Always remember this rule that people who engage with your posts are the ones which probably wants to connect with you. Send them a decent thank you note and end the comment with a hashtag. This will set the ball rolling for anyone who are searching for similar word or service!

Group member makes a comment in a group

Engaging has the power to generate business
Once you start spending time observing all the comments, you’ll see a specific trend in it. Just take the ownership of this while giving solutions to the common questions asked or concerns raised. You’ll be seen as an important member in the group and stand out. Don’t let this opportunity go. Connect with the relevant members by sending them an invitation. This will open a host of opportunities for you to select from.

You’re endorsed a skill

Endorsing a skill is as famous as the proverb: I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine!
Endorsements are a great way to raise your reputation to a whole new level. So, when someone endorses you a skill you should also reciprocate in the same manner. Generally, people endorse instantly. The rule is that you should endorse an honest skill and a relevant one. It will have better exposure to all involved and showcase your honesty! Rightly said Honesty goes a long way!

You receive a recommendation

LinkedIn recommendations are like mini sales pitches. Every one of us needs them at some point of time
Recommendations are like the fifth element of digital branding and reinforces your claim that you are smarter and deserve a better place. Recommendation also shows up on the profile page of the one who has recommended you making you connected to a bigger force. Once you receive a recommendation don’t wait to show your gratitude. Just express it in a big way! You can go beyond an email by sending a more personalized e-card. This will set the tone for a strong relationship and maybe a trigger for your business.

You get an opportunity to get a recommendation

Well don’t miss this opportunity. Use “Ask for a recommendation” feature of LinkedIn

Well, you have an opportunity to get a recommendation, the best thing would be developing a plan to approach your recommender. Make a list of people who have witnessed your work. Look out for impressive titles like CEO, VP, founder etc. When you’re ready to reach out don’t do it directly through LinkedIn. Send out an email tactfully which you would like to see on your LinkedIn page. Include words like growth, team, lead, manage, experience. You can send a note like this” Hello Sam, Hope all is great with you! Through LinkedIn I would request you to recommend me for the work I did when I was working on your project. I am so grateful for the freedom you allowed me while doing the project and it developed the creative side I had! Inevitably it was a valuable experience for me. Thanking you for your support” just mention example like this in your draft and send this to the contact recommending this draft. You have a great chance that the contact might be using the same words which are included in the draft.

You are invited to join a LinkedIn group

Make sure that the invitation which you’ve got is the group which you will benefit from joining in. Think Long term

The major issue with joining a group is that you do not have the power to choose the members, but yes, you have the power to see who the group members are! So before taking the leap just do a casual browsing of the group members and see their profile. LinkedIn has this feature. Look out for connections which might be useful for you in future. Another take is that once you join the group you can always show off your expertise and knowledge in the group and stand highlighted! From a business perspective this is beneficial. Find common likes and share great content on their page and be popular in just a few clicks!

A shared group member reaches out to you

When a shared member is interested to connect to you find out if you have common interests that click
The rule of thumb is always be polite on social media and be as responsible as possible. “with power comes responsibility” yup we all know it! So, the answer is to strike conversation with the fellow member and find common interests to chat. Have a small conversation and I am sure you will have common grounds to talk on. Always make in mind the purpose you are seeking the connection for. Is it for business or just a friendly one who always reads your blog and follows you, just like a loyal fan. No doubt both are as important to keep your LinkedIn profile running healthy and fit!

You receive an InMail

InMail allows you to send message to the LinkedIn member you are not directly connected to!
You receive an InMail from an unknown contact and the onus is on you on whether you reply to it or not. Think about how receptive you are when you get an email out of the blue! Look out for things like the subject line, how well is the mail written and the goal of email.

A contact’s contact comments on an LinkedIn update post

LinkedIn offers this feature to tag someone by just adding @ sign and mentioning the person’s name
Each of us has some interest be it some topic close to our hearts or the experience we had professionally or personally or any updates we make. When these topics become part of our blog people who are even not in your list comment. Since you know this fact that someone is reaching out to you, show gratitude and send a small thankyou note. This might be a great time to connect and explore new avenues! Keep a tab on these contacts which might help you to categorize them with the topics they like and this way you can directly make an appeal to a specific group the next time you want to reach them.

Your contact’s contact shares a LinkedIn update post

If you like an update don’t wait to comment…just do it!
It’s your chance to generate a discussion and what better chance can it be than to comment on a post. Always remember that comments provide more data than likes and reshares. Not to mention they generate engagement and you have the right chance to ride the wave.

Your contact’s contact likes a LinkedIn update post

Just as I mentioned earlier LinkedIn connects you to a wider audience you might even not think of, use this power to your advantage
This might be a chance for an instant connection, look out for common interests you might have. It might be the contact is a member of a bigger group which you always wanted to get connected to!

“People you may know” feature of LinkedIn presents a contact which is connected to someone in your network

LinkedIn has some wonderful features one of them is people you may know
Given all the data which LinkedIn network maintains and based on certain commonalities like industry, school, college, industries/companies previously worked, job titles, profiles etc., it predicts contacts which features as “People you may know” Before you click on Add to network check the entire profile of the person as well as connections and interests the person has. You can also opt for customized message while sending the request. Not to stress too much but this feature can be useful as you may choose the person through a more refined algorithm and a filtered contact which might be a useful connect you might be looking for! Definitely makes sense!