Leading With Insight

We ask your your prospects what keeps them up at night.

Leading With Insight​

We ask your prospects what keeps them up at night.




What are you struggling with?

Generic Copy

Writing that communicates and engages

Marked Spam

Ensuring your marketing efforts never fall by the wayside

Improved Outreach

Tapping into underutilized sources to find customers.

Added Relevance

Conveying the immediate need for your product or service

Benefits of this service

Our team at LM always deliver sales copy aligned to your business needs. We have professional copy writers along with a robust research team. This leads to a targeted sales copy giving best results and better delivered lead ratio.

Below are few features of an agile sales copy:

  • Keeping It Simple
  • Solving The Pain
  • Create Context
  • Convey Value
Simplicity relays your core message with clarity and ease. The more tenacious the research, the better the copy. Prospects won’t read lengthy messages — especially ones that don’t relate to their own challenges. Three paragraphs of one to two sentences — that’s the ideal. Preview emails on mobile devices to limit endless scrolling.
Copy should aim to solve pain points. When writers shy away from this function, they fail to connect. Focus on the singular pain point your product or service best relieves.
Begin the message with a statement of why you’re reaching out and customize by mentioning a personal challenge or trigger event. The better the sales copy, the better the sales figures. Good copy establishes trust and gets people talking, sharing and buying.
It will describe the company’s strengths in a way that’s relevant to the prospect. Customize this by inserting a value proposition or use case story.

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    The ratio between sales development and sales is the secret to increased growth. Ratios above 1 to 3 prevent SDRs from getting significant traction for the sales reps.

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