We all know that finding qualified labor is hard to find since labor is in short supply and the overhead expenses like salary and bonuses are hard to manage. Since the tenures of these resources are very short there is always a headache to again hire and train new resources. 

We at LM recruit, train and retain dedicated sales development teams for our clients. We believe in people as a service and curate resources to deliver the best results. Since there are dedicated roles through proper channels, the resources or teams have least attrition levels. This enables us to concentrate on our craft and let the client gain from our expertise. 

Account Based Approach 

With LM we break into well-defined organizational structures including geographic divisions and lines of reporting. This enables us to reach the right stake holder at the right company. 

Targeting with Higher Accuracy 

Our resources target buyer persona, potential market and appointment to lead ratios. Through all these we have better targeting and thus higher success ratios. Our platform which is based on AI gives best accuracy and works even for data which is hard to find. 

nboarding is one of the most important aspect of getting customer in the funnel and getting to know the exact requirements of customer needs. Onboarding includes an end to end process with each step outlined in detail. It starts with building up an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to client approving messaging templates. 

Below gives a short summary of steps involved in the onboarding phase

Step1: Drafting ICP 

Creating an Ideal Customer Profile is one of the most important step of Onboarding. ICP is like a filter for lead gen activities. Ideal Customer Profile helps us in profiling the customer and to know which companies and titles to target. Elements like titles, company size, industry, geography and revenue of the company are gathered in ICP. It also helps in identifying companies which are good for business and determine decision makers within these companies. Here the role of Client Success Manager comes in. CSM is responsible for collecting all the information needed to go on the initial client kick off call.  

Step2: Deciding on best channel for outreach 

At this stage a detailed discussion of the client profile is done. CSM leads the call and reviews all the questions that needs to be asked to the client. Here the very important step of deciding the best channel to reach out to the customer is decided. It is of vital importance to choose the best channel for outreach. It is also discussed how their CRM is can be integrated into clients existing system. 

Step3: Finalizing the sales copy 

At this stage detailed messaging is discussed along with types of different message templates. Along with copywriters follow up templates and their writing styles are also discussed. Doubts regarding the sales copy is cleared in the discussion, key deliverables are set along with basic expectations regarding the sales copy. Details like name of reps and signature is finalized. Here Customer Success Manager is at the core of all discussions. He makes sure that all the requirement gathering is finalized at this stage. Post this the copywriters start drafting the email keeping in mind the titles which are targetted for outreach. 

Step4: Competitor Analysis 

An analysis is done to know about clients competitors, existing product offerings, sales and marketing strategiesexisting pain areas, factors affecting sales etc. Delivery schedule for sample data is then fixed. Once this data is approved the contact discovery team starts working towards building up data. 

Once the data is built up the operations team starts outreach. Periodically reports are shared on the opens, clicks and response rates. Specific percentages are shared to know the exact gravity of the campaign and the direction in which it is going. Weekly calls with the stakeholders gives insight and clarity along with setting further expectations and result oriented approach. 

LM is one of the most sought after Lead Gen company. We are an allinone professional company which not only nurtures leads but we enhance your horizons and open up new markets for your business.