The winning strategy

Generally, the Golden Question is: what is the strategy or winning lead gen combination that an organization should follow? Remember:

Classic combination of an SDR and account executive. One of the quickest ways to scale your growth. Our team stays on the frontline communicating your values.
Content syndication puts your message and brand to get in front of the right audience. With nurturing it creates a new pipeline of leads for your sales teams.
Combining a sales development team with paid ads improves their ROI. Direct your paid traffic to our team and we’ll improve your conversion rate.
Most sales leaders emphasize webinars as one of the best ways to obtain leads. Nurturing these leads with fresh content and outreach will rocket your conversion rate.
Imagine knowing who you’ll meet at your event — and now add sales to the equation. We make your sales team’s life easier by arranging pre-set appointments at your event.
Many web platforms limit their organic reach. The pay-to-play model is the future, and Lead Mint takes the guesswork out of paid marketing for companies of all sizes.


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    The ratio between sales development and sales is the secret to increased growth. Ratios above 1 to 3 prevent SDRs from getting significant traction for the sales reps.

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    Good pipeline helps take pressure off from sales. Don’t fight with your hand tied behind your back.

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